Ever since Tim Hortons was bought by 3G out of Brazil and made a handful of organizational blunders with franchisee, Ad folks have vigorously complained that the brand lost its way. So much so that an annual brand trust index ranks it at 136 in 2019.

The brand narrative went from being quintessentially Canadian to another QSR shoving a platter of NEW! and limited time offers down our throats. 

Yes, Crosby is still here for the ride but the brand has not been investing enough time to communicate its core values, like being “unpretentious.”

Until this commercial came along:


The remarkable true story of how a signature from Tim Horton fuelled The Great One is beautifully shot, exceptionally cast, and told with enough emotion to make you weep. A few times over. 

But wait, let me tell you a something:

It could have been the best ad of the year if the end screen signed off differently. 

End Screen of tim Hortons Commercial

“The Beginning of Something Great” is the most pretentious thing a brand like Tims can promise. Like, hey Gretzky wouldn’t be who he is if it wasn’t for us.

So here are 2 other bad alternatives, that might have been better:

  • Bringing People Together Since 1964
  • Since 1964 (yes even this would have been better)