The Situation: HSBC needed to get social butterflies to hear about its new Rewards Mastercard, by showing how it defied expectations with 2X rewards, a low-interest rate, and a glow-in-the-dark feature. 

The Solution: The “Unexpect More” social-first campaign was designed to create exposure for HSBC through cultural curators who would experience unforgettable moments. From a Moroccan courtyard to an eight-foot-tall robot lighting up the night, influentials were treated to Instagramable moments that kept on challenging their pre-conceived notions of HSBC.

The Results: The rollout plan brought unprecedented exposure to HSBC, delivering more than 1.5X impressions and 2X the engagements than we had anticipated. Needless to say, the campaign reinforced the card’s positioning and gave us exposure to an audience that AMEX typically had access to.